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Mini Militia is the online batling combat with deadly weapons, engaging gameplay, and high-quality gaming joy. This multiplayer battle is also known as Doodle Army 2. This game is a wildly popular multiplayer shooting adventure for mobile users. It has captivated and attracted millions of players with its intense gameplay. Watch Wrestling

This gaming adventure is developed by Appsomniacs LLC. Mini Militia offers an action-packed experience for MOBA lovers. It brings together fast-paced battles, unique gameplay mechanics, and a vibrant community. Moreover, it comes with its simple yet addictive gameplay. Players dive into intense combat scenarios fully equipped with guns. Enter the game with a vast arsenal of weapons and power-ups. Take aerial roots with the Jetpack feature and take your battles in open skies.  Players can soar through the air while engaging in thrilling firefights. Enjoy collaborations in team-based modes. Sharpen your fight skills and weapon controls in offline Training. 

Mini Militia APK

Mini Militia Apk is an unleashed packet of intense battlefields for your Android device. It brings quality game graphics with a highly intense battling environment. Players can take on multiplayer battles and enjoy gaming and socializing together. There are plenty of weapons to take on opponents in fierce battles. This game is trusted & enjoyed by millions of players all over the world. Millions of downloads for this game shows its global worth and popularity. This page also has the installation package kit for this game. You can get it free to start enjoying the intense battle of Doodle Army on your mobile. Tiktok live apk


This multiplayer online battle offers a very intense and engaging gameplay. Some highlights of this gameplay are given below.

●     Fast-paced and intense multiplayer battles.

●     Wide range of weapons and power-ups to choose from.

●     Unique jetpack feature for aerial combat and mobility.

●     Diverse maps and environments for strategic gameplay.

●     Team-based modes for cooperative play with friends.

●     Customizable avatars and the ability to create clans.

●     Offline training mode to improve skills and practice.

Features of Mini Militia

This android game brings in a vibrant community of gamers with high gaming skills. Players can enjoy the intense and engaging gaming environment on the go with tons of interesting features. Some interesting facts about its features are listed here. Honista Download

Multiplayer Battles

This game offers an intense battle of online 6 players. Multiplayer battles can include 2 to 6 players. Moreover, 12 players can also make it to a single battlefield locally using the Wi-Fi feature.

High-Quality Game Graphics

This intense battle of online players unleashes high-quality graphics. Its quality graphics and intense gameplay make it a great environment for quality gaming. Watchwrestling

Diverse Weapons

Choose from a vast array of powerful weapons offered in the game. These include assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and more. You can use all these powerful weapons to conquer the battle.

Dual-Wield Guns

Choose from a vast array of powerful weapons offered in the game. These include assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and more. You can use all these powerful weapons to conquer the battle.

Maps and Environments

This game offers a diverse range of battlefields in different environments. It has many maps with different environments for a varied battling experience. Battle across a variety of detailed maps, ranging from urban cities to deserts and jungles.

Customizable Controls

This intense shooting game offers very simple and customizable controls. You can adjust and customize your game controls to your preferences. It allows you to change shooting button positions and movement controls.

Power-ups and Boosts

Collect power-ups scattered across the battlefield for improved performance. These powerups and boosts give you an edge in the game. You can collect extra health unlimited ammo and other boosts on Battlefield.

Social Integration

This feature makes this game a great social asset. In this socializing feature, you can connect with friends and other people. Invite your buddies and other people in the circle to play this online battle together.

Battlefield with Engaging Environment

Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 offers a high-quality gaming environment. It includes a realistic battlefield decorated with quality elements. High-quality graphics, realistic weapons, and sound effects add to the game. Moreover, realistic sounds of shooting bullets, weapons, and background music make online battling more intense.

Online Rankings and Leaderboards

This game also features an online player ranking & leaderboards. You top the player rankings to become a champ of Doodle Army 2. Conquer battles, win exciting rewards, develop pro gaming features, and rule the world.

Team-based Gameplay

This game allows players to make teams and play games together with buddies. You can make a team with random online players. You can also go with a  personalized team of your buddies. Add your favorite buddies and enjoy the gaming thrill together. 

Voice Chat

Mini Militia also features a real-time voice chat. You can communicate with players on the battlefield during intense fights. This feature is especially helpful in team mode. You can communicate with friends and enjoy a strategic fight with teamwork.

Customizable Avatars

Personalize your soldier’s appearance with a wide range of outfits, masks, and accessories. This game offers customization and personalization options for your gaming character. You can try different outfits & accessories to make your avatar effective. There is a diverse range of accessories to customize the look of your character.

Melee Attacks

Engage in close-quarters combat with melee attacks for a satisfying takedown.

Jetpack Flight

Take your battle to vast open skies and enjoy aerial battlefields. Go to the skies with the jetpack feature and explore the vast open sky. This feature allows you to fly and perform mid-air maneuvers.

Offline Training

Hone your skills and practice various combat strategies in offline training mode. Its offline training mode is the best way to sharpen your game skills.

Weapons in Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

This game has a great weapon arsenal with a huge amount of weapons. Some top, powerful, and popular weapons in the game are listed here.

●     AK47

●     M4

●     Uzi

●     Shotgun

●     Desert Eagle

●     Magnum

●     MP5

●     M93BA

●     M14

●     Tavor

●     Barrett

●     Sniper Rifle

●     RPG

●     Machete

●     Flamethrower

Please note that the available weapons may vary based on the version and updates of the game.


Maps in Mini Militia

This shooting and battlefield game offers a diverse range of maps. These maps offer different environments and challenges. Enjoy the game in different conditions and become an all-condition expert.

●     Outpost

●     Catacombs

●     High Tower

●     Bottle Neck

●     Suspension

●     Snow Blind

●     Subdivision

●     Doodle Army 2

●     Overgrown

●     Cliffhanger

●     Pyramid

●     Outworld

●     Firebase

●     Crossfire

●     No Escape

Please note that the available maps may vary based on the version and updates of the game.


Popular Avatars in Mini Militia

This app offers dozens of gaming characters and each one has its own skills & powers. Some popular names in the Avatar collection are listed here.

1.    Soldier: The default avatar representing a standard military soldier.

2.    Ninja: A stealthy and agile character dressed in a ninja outfit.

3.    Sniper: A sharpshooter avatar equipped with a sniper rifle and specialized gear.

4.    Rambo: Inspired by the iconic action hero, this avatar embodies toughness and firepower.

5.    Commando: A highly trained and well-equipped special forces soldier.

6.    Gunner: An avatar specializing in heavy weapons and explosive firepower.

7.    Ranger: A versatile avatar with expertise in both close-quarters combat and long-range engagements.

8.    Medic: A supportive avatar focused on healing and assisting teammates.

9.    Captain: A leader-type avatar with enhanced tactical abilities.

10.  Engineer: An avatar skilled in constructing and utilizing advanced technological equipment.



Troubleshooting Guide: Mini Militia – Overcoming Common Issues

These are some common issues faced and reported by players. Some solutions to common problems are given in this guide.

Connection Issues

If you’re experiencing connection problems, try these tricks to overcome them.

●     Switch to a different Wifi that has a stable and strong Internet supply.

●     Try a solid cellular internet connection while playing online.

●     Restart the game, reboot your Android device, or even reinstall the game from this page.

Lag and Performance

To address lag or performance issues you should go with these points.

●      Close the other apps running in the background on your device.

●     Lower graphics settings within the game to improve space consumption.

●     If you have a low-end device then switch to a higher version device with more Ram/ROM.

Unable to Join or Create Rooms

If you’re having trouble joining or creating rooms then try these points.

●     check your internet connection & make it stable and robust.

●     Ensure that you’re using the correct, 100% working, and latest game version.

●     Restarting the app or your device can sometimes resolve room-related issues.

Account or Progress Loss

To prevent account or progress loss in Minimiltia consider the following tricks. 

●     Link your game account to a social media account to keep progress & account safe.

●     Create a backup within the game to keep progress saved.

●     This way, you can restore your progress if you switch devices or reinstall the game.

Audio or Voice Chat Problems

If you’re experiencing audio or voice chat issues then go with these tricks.

●     Keep your device volume up and also unmute if the device’s sound is muted.

●     Give the game access to your device’s microphone.

Pros & Cons


●     Intense multiplayer battles with friends or online opponents.

●     Easy accessibility on mobile devices for on-the-go gaming.

●     Fast-paced gameplay for non-stop action.

●     Customizable characters, avatars, outfits, and accessories.

●     Wide range of weapons and power-ups for strategic gameplay.

●     Diverse maps and environments for dynamic battles.

●     Addictive gameplay that keeps players engaged.

●     Quick respawns for a continuous gaming experience.

●     Team-based gameplay promotes cooperation and teamwork.

●     Regular updates and new features for fresh content.


●     Limited gameplay modes compared to other multiplayer games.

●     In-app purchases are required for certain weapons and cosmetic items.

●     Can be challenging for new players to compete against experienced ones.

●     Some players may experience connectivity issues or lag during online matches.

●     Lack of in-depth storyline or single-player campaign mode.

Mini Militia APK Download

This page has an Apk file for Doodle Army 2 lovers. Players can get the Apk file of this fighting game for free from our website. All you need is a tap on the Download button studded on this page. Download Mini Militia APK and go on to Install it right now. Honista Apk

How to Install Mini Militia on Android

Installation of this fighting game requires some pre-installation steps.

➢     Go to device Settings after Downloading the file of this game.

➢     Now head to the “Security” Tab in Settings to allow permission. 

➢     Look for the Unknown source permission toggle for your browser.

➢     Now you can go for the installation process as all pre-installations are done.

For installation, you need nothing more than a tap. So open the file you got from this page and tap the Install button within it.


Mini Militia is the perfect thing for MOBA lovers. It brings non-stop entertainment with its intense battles. Enjoy gaming high-quality graphics on a variety of maps. Take aerial roots and make open skies your battlefield. Enjoy a diverse range of weapon arsenal decorated with powerful guns and weapons. Play games online, offline, and in different gaming modes. Develop skills in offline training and unleash them in online intense battles. Access your friends on the game and make a team with them. Use the voice chat feature, decorate a strategy, and launch double attacks on enemies. Get the game now and enjoy high-quality gaming time with this awesome battlefield game.

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